What Is A Scribe

A scribe is a person planning to attend medical school or PA school who is looking to work in a clinical environment that will expose them to the world of medicine. The principle duties of a scribe include:

  • Note writing: The scribe accompanies the physician into examining rooms for all patient visits. While the doctor interviews the patient, the scribe listens and transcribes the information into a proper medical note. Physical exam findings are also included in these notes.
  • Follow-ups: As laboratory results and radiology reports return on patients, the scribe updates the notes to include this information. All procedures are documented by the scribe, interactions with consultant physicians are recorded, and changes in the patients’ course/response to treatments are also entered.
  • Efficiency: Our emergency department is similar to a very busy restaurant in that we are simultaneously caring for many people. The scribes assist the physician with the challenges of multi-tasking, allowing our patients to be treated and managed with greater efficiency. This also allows providers to spend more time face-to-face with patients and family members.

The Scribe Program

This position is for those who are motivated, dependable, flexible and committed to a career in medicine. It is a challenging job, and we are very careful in our selection process. We hire those planning to attend medical school. The most important thing we take into consideration during the hiring process is character: being able to work in a team-based environment under stressful conditions requires an upbeat attitude, a willingness to be challenged, a hunger to achieve, and the ability to work well with others. You will encounter patients from all walks of life here, and a non-judgmental attitude is essential.

There are 2 available tracks for scribes:

Full-time: This is designed for college graduates who have a year or two off before med school. There is a minimum of 1 year requirement and health benefits are offered. FT scribes work four or five 8-hour shifts per week.

Part-time: Current undergraduates work two 8-hour shifts per week and must commit to a minimum of 2 years. (At the present time we are trying to fill all positions with FT scribes, but will entertain part time positions on a limited basis).

Additional Information:

Shifts last an average of 8 hours spread over days and evenings (weekends included). We will work with our scribes to come up with a monthly schedule.

While this job may sound overwhelming we will devote tremendous resources to train each scribe in a paid, intensive training program that lasts a few weeks. You are not expected to work on your own until you are ready.